Datacentre maintenance at Birmingham 1 - 2nd April (3)

Services at Birmingham will be UNAVAILABLE from 1600 BST on April 1st to 1600 BST on April 2nd. VMs will be shut down and there will be no access to VMs running at Birmingham during this period. The fire suppression sy…

CLIMB support for small data analysis workshop (3)
Unshelving Problems (5)
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Datacentre maintenance at Birmingham 12 -16th April (4)
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Datacentre maintenance at Cardiff 22nd-26th January (2)
Planned datacentre maintenance at Birmingham 11-15th December (5)
Maintenance works at Warwick 29/11-1/12 (2)
Launching [no longer] disabled at all sites (2)
Launching new instances temporarily disabled at all sites (4)
Maintenance works at Warwick on Tuesday, June 27th (2)
Networking issues at Warwick (2)
Ssh connection time out (13)
Maintenance works at Warwick - 4-6 April (2)
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Planned datacentre maintenance at Birmingham and Warwick: 13-15 December ( 2 ) (25)
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Cannot copy/paste to and from the lubuntu desktop from Windows (1)
Server in Error State (2)
Planned maintenace in Birmingham - Possible service instability (2)
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Group server instance not restarting after shutoff (1)
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