2T volume stuck on 'awaiting transfer'

Dear CLIMB Team,

I have an issue with a 2T volume that is stuck on ‘awaiting transfer’ in the Warwick region. Last year, I had an issue with my instance and I had to terminate it and re-open a new one. Unfortunately, the old and new instance are in different regions (old in Warwick and new in Swansea). Back then, I tried transferring my 2T volume from Warwick to Swansea via Horizon, but did not succeed. I assumed it was beyond repair and at the time, the 500GB volume in Swansea was just sufficient for my work.

Recently, I noticed the current status of the 2T volume and I am wondering whether something could be done so I can utilize that much needed space now? Is it possible to help me transfer in to Swansea region so I can use it? What are the options - it is a shame that this space is not used by anyone?

My username is anjola90 and the volume in question at Warwick is called ‘PracticeYP’.
I am part of Mahenthiralingam group.

Thank you and looking forward to your suggestions


I don’t think it is possible to do volume transfer from one region to another.


Hi Anmol,

Thank you for your reply.

There must be some solution available to this issue. I even am happy if I am allowed to close my current instance and move to the one in Warwick where the 2T volume is. I can always back the data on my current volume on external hardrive to circumvent the issues associated with volume transfer. If none of this is possible, then it might be better to close that volume (I can’t do any action on it myself) and free the space for other users. I had already accepted that I lost the data on it last year, so this isn’t a problem.

Would I be able to message you or any of the other CLIMB team members to discuss that?

Sorry for the delay. The possible solution is launching the VM in the same region where the data volume is located. Please contact Lisa.Marchioretto@quadram.ac.uk in this regard.

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