Access to VM for backup


I have a VM with ip that I can not access anymore.
I need to access this machine to get some data out of it and then I was planning to delete it as I am not using climb anymore.

Could you help me get access to this machine for a few days so I can download all my files?

Let me know if you need additional info.

Kind regards

Hi Leonardos,
I think we’ve been in touch for this very same VM and I thought you gained access again. So I’m thinking that, if you could access to your VM in the last few weeks, the reason you can’t access today is the ongoing issue at Swansea. The team is currently investigating the issue and I’m confident you can access your VM again once the issue is fixed.
Kind regards,

Hi Lisa,

Thank you very much for your response.
You are indeed correct. I was not aware that there is an issue in Swansea.

You can close this topic.

Thx a lot

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