Adding additional node to my server


Dear All,
How can I add additional nodes to our climb cloud server to increase the speed of beast analysis



Hi Archie - AFAIK, BEAST isn’t built to use MPI, so adding additional nodes to your server won’t provide any benefit to run times. We also don’t support the autoscaling that’s built into GVL.

You would likely get the best speedup using BEAST with the the Beagle library (, as this allows BEAST to use multiple CPU cores.

Beagle also enables BEAST to use GPU cores, which CLIMB doesn’t currently offer (although we’d like to in the future), so you might even get greater speedup running BEAST a desktop PC with Beagle configured to use a relatively modern consumer graphics card.

If you’re still seeing prohibitively long BEAST run times, you might try checking your model selection and input data.


Thank very much for the quick reply