Attaching volumes from different regions to one VM

I have two VM and two volumes which are in two different regions. Is it possible to attach both volumes to the same VM? If yes, how can it be done?
Thank you

It is not possible to attach volumes to instances in other regions. I would suggest that you make a new volume in the region containing your VMs and copy your data over (e.g. rsync). The connection between sites is extremely fast and the data transfer should be rapid.

Thank you for your reply. Could you please explain how to copy the data from a volume in a VM to a volume in another VM (and region). Thanks

scp (secure copy) or rysnc (remote synchronisation). Rsync maybe more suitable for large data as it can be restarted from the same point if the connection is broken.

The command is:

rsync -ravz /path/to/data_directory/ ubuntu@your_target_ip_address:/path/to/destination_directory/

This assumes you are typing the command from the VM on whic the data is hosted.

-r = recursive (will transfer all file and folders contained in the data directory)
-a = archive
-z = compress (should be faster for larger files)
-v = verbose