Availability of resources on CLIMB

I have seen a few people complaining on here about their frustrations around the availability of resources on CLIMB at the moment.

I just want to say that I think the CLIMB guys are unsung heroes. The microbial genomics community is really lucky to have access to this fantastic resource. Not only do we get VMs, we get custom software, admin rights and superb support (which is not an easy job)…all for free!

Show some love, the more that we praise and publicise CLIMB the more likely it is to secure more funding and possibly get more resources in future.

I owe all the CLIMB guys on the frontline a pint!


Can’t stress this enough. To be able to introduce a new student into a virtual, contained and preconfigured environment is huge. The amount of time, money and hassle Climb saves our small group is insane.

Getting admin rights on an instrumentation computer took 2 weeks of back and forth with our IT department. And we had to pay for the computer, and a 4 year service contract, and a lot of other extras that were completely irrelevant.

Thanks for the service! Long may it continue :beer:

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