Best practices for backup of volume


I’m just wondering if there is a recommendation for the best way to do regular backups of a volume, either to my local machine or a third party like dropbox/S3?

I guess some sort of rsync approach would be my default, but just wondering if there is a better ‘OpenStack’ way?



You can take snapshots (of the VM or the disk) if you want to back up everything in one swoop. Depends if you want to back up off the OS infrastructure etc?

Hijacking the thread slightly since I think this might be relevant, at the launch I was talking with Marius and others about automatic backups in case of someone accidentally removing files etc, and the idea was had that perhaps something could be coded in to the infrastructure to take automatic snapshots every 24hrs. There are effectively zero overheads to storing snapshots so I wonder if other users would think this is something that should be offered by the CLIMB set up?

Yeah, I was thinking more about an easily automatable approach, like the automatic snapshots you mention. I think that would be a great idea.


I was just looking for how to snapshot. An automated solution would be perfect, especially as it seems that group members can terminate eachother’s VMs quite easily! :wink: