Birmingham Server Shelved_offloaded


I just had the email to renew the lease for my server, I have gone to do so, and found that I cannot with the status of the server being Shelved offloaded. It was working fine on Monday. I’m wondering if this is to do with the downtime.

Thank you in advance

  1. CLIMB site - Birmingham

  2. Instance or volume name - lundpa-TraDIS-Universal

  3. Any error messages - Status- SHELVED_OFFLOADED

  1. A rough time that the problem started? Today

Hi, it is indeed related to the downtime at Birmingham, but it should be up and running now. Could you please verify and let me know?

I have the same issue

Please resolve. thanks


The instance has been unshelved,

Hi Lisa,

Sorry for the delay, yes I can confirm its back up.


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