Brew uninstall error - runtime dependencies


SOFTWARE OR APPLICATION PROBLEMS (Python can’t find the modules I installed, Prokka doesn’t predict any ORFs, etc.)

This started out as a simple tbl2asn reinstall to use Prokka (hadnt used it in a while), but I ended up with a tonne of other issues (after trying to upgrade Prokka, deleting old tbl2asn etc) and this one has finally stumped me. It followed:

brew tap brewsci/bio
brew update
brew upgrade

Error: ncurses is already installed from homebrew/dupes!
Please `brew uninstall ncurses` first."

ubuntu@idepidwc:~/ngon$ brew uninstall ncurses
Error: could not get runtime dependencies from /mnt/gvl/apps/linuxbrew/Library/Taps/tseemann/homebrew-bioinformatics-linux/Formula/roary.rb!
Error: Formulae found in multiple taps: 
       * chapmanb/cbl/vt
       * brewsci/bio/vt
Please use the fully-qualified name (e.g. chapmanb/cbl/vt) to refer to the formula.

This is a GVL instance running at Bham.

Thanks for your help,

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