Building Kraken2 library

I’m looking to build a kraken2 library (archaea, bacteria, plasmid, viral, human, fungi, plant, protozoa,
and UniVec_Core) but the build fails due to not enough free RAM. Would it be possible for kraken2/library to be built somewhere so that everyone can use it or for us to be allocated some extra memory temporarily?

My server ip is

Thanks in advance.

I also just ran out of memory trying to assemble a metagenomic sample with Flye 2.4.1 with an estimated size of 180m so it would be useful if we could get extra allocation for this?

We have a full version of the Kraken database (as of Nov 2017) available for you to use here -Full Kraken database. We cannot provide extra RAM for pre-existing instances but we can temporarily allocate larger instances for short jobs. If you could DM me your group name and details of the size of the instance you might need I can check for when there will be space available for a larger server instance.

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Hi Sion,

Thanks for getting back to me. I have already downloaded the Kraken2 db provided by the Loman group and have been allocated a temporary instance.

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