Cannot SSH to VM: connection refused



I have a VM (enterobac-flassall at Warwick) that was automatically shelved in March. I wanted to put it back on again to recover some data in the attached volume, and to shelve it again afterwards.

I could restart the VM and it appears as Running in Bryn and Horizon. However, when trying to SSH into it using my usual ssh key and login, I got the following error:

ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused

I don’t think it should be an issue of full boot disk, as I could connect fine before the shelving.

Wold you please have any idea how I could connect or at least access to one of its volumes? (I thought of creating a new VM, but I understand it’s not quite the thing to do at the moment).

Manu thanks,



Your VM should be accessible again.


yes it is! Thank you for sorting this out. I’ll get the data out and shelve it again.

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