Can't open/run R

I am working with 3 VMs in Birmingham. Two of them won’t open R anymore, it seems as they might have crashed?
They have been working well so far, but now, once I sign in, the page goes blank and I can’t see the R interface.
Can I reeboot it somewhow?

Thank you very much!

Hi Paula,

You can restart the instance from the dropdown menu found next to the instance in the Bryn interface.

All the best,

Hi Sion,
Thanks for the reply. I did try your suggestion, unfortunately did not work. One of the instances is still showing a blank page, and the other one shows an “Apache2 Ubuntu Default page”:

Thanks, again

HI Paula,

I would recommend building a new instance. The instance you are using looks like it has built incorrectly.

All the best,

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