Can't ssh to new box


I just created a couple of new GVL boxes on Birmingham, they have been up for about 30 mins and according to the Instance log (from the Advanced interface) they have started and show a login prompt. But I can’t ssh to them (connection times out) and the IP address hyperlink in the bryn interface doesn’t connect. Note that i can connect to older boxes at Birmnigham, just not the ones I started today.

Has something changed in their setup?



Hi Adam - I’ve got the broken instances and we’re working on fixing them. Apologies for the inconvenience; I’ll update you as soon as I can.

We’ve identified the problem and fixed it - you should be able to see those instances now, and new ones should also be fine!

If you find that your passwords for those instances don’t work, please terminate them and launch again.

great, thanks Matt, all seems to be working now

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