Cardiff unavailable?

Hello, I have a few instances running at Cardiff, but since this morning I cannot connect to any of them.
Bryn greets me with an error message saying “Your team doesn’t currently have a tenant registered for this region (Cardiff)” and that Cardiff is temporarily unavailable.

When do you think this will be resolved and I’ll be able to access my VMs?



Same here! The connection to my Cardiff VM times out. I would appreciate any help with that whenever you can take a look at it.



Hi Gonzalo,

I don’t know if we are having the same problem but my instances were bookmarked for deletion because the PI of my project did not respond to the request of transfer to CLIMB-BIG-DATA (From MRC climb).

I wrote an email to and she was really helpful, I advise you to do the same if you cannot see you instances on Bryn anymore.

Good luck,


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