CLIMB Service Update: Friday 15th July 2016

Thank you for all our new users for registering and welcome to CLIMB!

A few service updates for your attention:

  • The initial GVL servers we booted for the tutorial day on Thursday have been terminated to free up space to boot your own servers in Warwick. If you had problems starting servers in Warwick please try again now.
  • The Birmingham region will be down for planned maintenance from Friday 4pm until Sunday for server room maintenance following a recent electrical system failure.
  • The Cardiff region will shortly become available for you to start servers there, for additional CLIMB capacity.
  • The recent issues with very slow GVL booting should have been fixed with a recent GVL update.

We are aware of some issues launching volumes in Warwick which we are investigating. We will bring Cardiff online as an alternative region later today. Bear with us :slight_smile:

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Issues launching servers at Warwick have now been resolved, thanks for your patience!

Birmingham region is now available for launching again.