Cloudman not starting

I rebooted my VM (VSpringthorpe) at Birmingham due to being unable to restart Galaxy, but now Cloudman is also not starting. I just get a page saying

“There is no application service running on this host yet”

I would like to terminate it and start fresh but new instances are disabled. Can this be fixed? Thanks!

It looks like you’re filled up all available space on the VM and this was preventing Galaxy from starting up.
I’ve removed older log files which reclaimed a tiny bit of space and Galaxy is now running.
Before you run anything, you should either delete the old data or create a volume and attach a new volume to your instance and move the files there.


Thanks, almost solved! I’ve mounted larger volumes to /mnt/galaxy/tmp and /mnt/galaxy/files

Now I think all I need to do is restart the Galaxy server, but I cant access the cloudman (/cloud/root/admin) page. The login popup just repeatedly pops up. I know I’m using the correct ubuntu username and cluster password, I used the same one to login with ssh.


If the space issue is resolved then you can reboot the instance via Bryn to restart Galaxy.


Thanks for the suggestion, but after restarting my volumes are unmounted again. I need to restart Galaxy after mounting otherwise the boot drive still gets filled up when I try to add data. The problem is I can’t access CloudMan to restart Galaxy :smiley:

I was following this thread to add more storage to Galaxy

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I would suggest that you move your non-critical working files to the volume (or remove them) in order to be able to access CloudMan/Galaxy.