Connection timed out in Warwick VM

Hi everyone! I’m trying to connect to the VM called ‘genomics2’ hosted in Warwick but it’s giving me the error:

Network error: Connection timed out

I’ve tried rebooting it on Bryn but it didn’t help. Other VMs work fine though. I was wondering if anybody had any ideas? Thanks so much.


Hi Gonzalo,

The VM was in error state (not able to find the bootable device). I have restarted the VM and it should work now.

Note:- The volume need to be de-attached from the VM before rebooting the VM, and then reattach the volume once the VM is up and running.


Hi Anmol,

Thanks a lot for that, it’s working fine now! Also, good to know about having to de-attach the volume before rebooting :slight_smile:

Best wishes,


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