Connection timed out trying to connect via SSH

1. Describe the problem. Are there any error messages you can paste? Can you provide a screenshot of the problem (with sensitive information removed)?

Cannot reach the VM via SSH (or any other method). When trying to connect via SSH to the IP-address I get the error message that there the host cannot be reached and that there is a connection time out.
Exact error message:
ssh: connect to host xxx.xx.xx.xx port 22: Connection timed out.
The ip-address is the ip-address as it is found in the BRYN dashboard.

Tried to hard reboot via the BRYN dashboard to no avail.

2. What is the name of the VM or volume that the problem is affecting?
Machine name: covid-19-modelling

3. Where is the VM or volume hosted; Birmingham, Cardiff, Swansea or Warwick?
Hosted in Swansea

4. Is there any other information that you think might be helpful?

Apologies for the issue you are having, a member of our team is looking into this for you.

Kind regards,


Do you happen to know if there is any news on this?

I also already send in support tickets a couple of weeks ago, and there, a colleague also told me that it would be looked in to, but as of yet it is not resolved and I don’t hear anything about it.

For reference the ticket # is: 68090

Many thanks in advance!

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