Deleted server, lost data


Been trying to access a server that had qiime data stored on it that our company bioinformatician ran for me, but was unable to connect to the server using Filezilla and have also been unsuccessful when ssh and pinging from command line. Contacted the bioinformatician (who has now left our company) and he contacted CLIMB who said the server was deleted (apparently by myself…though the date and time don’t add up to a time when I was using the service). Is there anyway that the data on the server is retrievable?

Thanks in advance.


If the data was stored on an attached volume then the data is retrievable. Otherwise it is not. You will need to make a new instance and attach the volume from the instance in question using the advanced interface (Horizon), details of which can be found at the bottom of your group page in Bryn. Note that you will have to be in the same site as the original instance in order to view the unattached volumes at that site.

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