Error launching: Could not find project


I am trying to launch a genomics virtual library server in the bham region and have been getting this error:

Error launching: Could not find project: 1455c34b07c74ed8b23f579a67d2141f (HTTP 404)

Could this be something I am doing wrong?

Thank you!

Hi Jenny - our fault, hopefully this should be fixed now!

We are currently at capacity at all sites, so I’m afraid you won’t be able to launch an instance until we’ve done some tidying up.

We’ll enable launching again as soon as there’s some free space.

Hi Matt,

That did look like it was working but I am now getting this error:

Your team doesn’t currently have a tenant registered for this region (Bham).

Thank you!

Oops - our problem again, sorry for the inconvenience!

Everything should work now. Any more problems, please update me.