Fail to unshelve


Dear there
Is the Cardiff server back per the previous plan?
I am trying to unshelve the Cardiff instance I have been using after the power work by clicking option-unshelve in my CLIMB main page.

It says sever unshaved, but still the status shows Shelved_Offloaded, and I can not access the instance through either web or ssh (error message: resource temporarily unavailable).

Look forward to hearing your kindly advice! Have a nice day.

Xiang SHI


Hello Xiang,
It should be OK now. Could you please check it? If you still can’t unshelve it, I’d be grateful if you can specify the IP address of the involved VM and I’ll pass the information to the relevant team.
Thank you,


Hey Lisa - Thanks for your response. I just tried and still could’t unshelve it.The IP address of the VM is:

Xiang SHI


Hi Xiang
Your VM should be back now.


Hey - The VM is back now. Thanks for your support!


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