Galaxy error starting a GVL instance

Im new to CLIMB and trying to start a GVL. I start the GVL server, click on the GVL dashboard, and after waiting a long time (overnight) the galaxy and galaxy reports applications both show an error/unavailable. Does it usually take a long time for these to load?

The server is called FirmicutesPhylo and is hosted at Swansea but I tried at Birmingham yesterday and got the same problem.

Is there something simple I am missing?


Hi Connor,

I just started an instance at Birmingham and Galaxy built with no problems. Could you try again? It should take about 20-25 mins to build Galaxy. Did you update or install anything while the services were building?

All the best,

Hi Sion

Tried it again at Birmingham and it worked fine. I must have done something while it was building.



No problem, I am glad it is working for you.

All the best.