Galaxy FTP transfer


Hi, I’m new to using CLIMB, but have used Galaxy previously. I can’t upload my data using FTP. Do I still need to use a VM hosted at Birmingham as suggested here: Galaxy FTP file transfer? Currently Birmingham has “Launching new instances disabled” as its status.

I have tried using a VM hosted at Cardiff, but don’t see the FTP option for data upload that you get at

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Hi Katherine,

I am looking into this for you.

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Hi Katherine,

Unfortunately, this is an issue with the version of the GVL we are using. FTP is only enabled for Birmingham. We are currently looking to upgrade to the newest version of the GVL which will allow file transfer via HTTP at all sites. This should resolve you problem. I will keep you posted with our progress. I am sorry that I could not be more help.

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Thanks for your help Sion!


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