GVL and R studio issues

Hi Guys

I can’t access the GVL or start R studio on several of my servers
@ Cardiff, R studio does not work on one of them ( and I can’t reach the page of, when I click on the IP address link to access the GVL dashboard.
@ Bham, but when I try and access R studio via the GVL dashboard I get the Apache2 Unbuntu Default Page and not R studio.

Any suggestions - Julian

Hi Julian,

We are in the process of discontinuing the GVL and are dropping support for it. I can suggest you try running the following and see whether it fixes the issues with the web interface:

sudo systemctl stop apache2
sudo systemctl disable apache2
sudo systemctl restart nginx

with the caveat that we cannot provide any further support on this

Thanks will try that. Also if GVL is discontinued will that mean RStudio will no longer be run from the GVL?

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