I am new to CLIMB and so far I have created a VM “Helenstower” on the Swansea server and through the operating system GVL/ Galaxy I downloaded (via Galaxy admin) the wrapped BLAST+ from the Tool-shed. My data has loaded correctly in to the history section however BLAST is not running and generates the BLASTx and BLASTn errors; Error code 2.Fatal error: Exit code 2 () BLAST Database error: Database name is required.
It seems as if the BLAST databases are missing?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!


There are a range of BLAST databases and many are very large. The GVL does not download them by default. It should work remotely for small queries. Alternatively, there is information on how to download the databases and configure galaxy appropriately in the file ‘galaxy-app/tool-data/blastdb.loc’

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Thanks for your reply. I have found the blastdb.loc files in the admin Toolshed so I will give this a go.

You can download the NCBI provided databases as tar-balls from here:

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