Hello world! :-)

Hello forum users. Here is some padding to make the post longer than 20 characters.

Hello Mark! Hope the launch is going well.

So far so good. And Bryn, our VM launcher seems to working OK. Nick and Tom seem to be talking at double normal rate, but maybe that’s is just because I am a slow old twit :slight_smile:


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Hi guys! CLIMB looks fantastic, well done!

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CLIMB. Launched!!!

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You beat me to it! !!

Climb every… hill

scipy taking ages to install in my tutorial…

This is the very model of a modern cluster cloudy thing
with instances and volumes and this funny GVLy thing
But it seems to work just fine, if you can type and have the time,
And so, well done in setting up this modern CLIMBy cloudy thing.

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well done with all of this and thanks for the intro. I hope to learn how to use it!

unfortunately I have to leave early.

all the best


Hello! I’m at Aberystwyth University and working on microbial ecology in various environments (glaciers and subsurface, mainly). Long-term newbie at bioinformatics.