How to export an image to upload to a different OpenStack system


I have an image on warwick CLIMB OpenStack. I want to transfer that to someone else’s OpenStack so they can create instances from it. They have told me to ‘export image’. I cannot see how to do this on the DashBoard. Is it even possible?


It’s not possible through the dashboard. There is a way to do it however: we would plan to add this as a function to Bryn quite soon.

Yes I got some very useful feedback on this from Marius and the chaps in Germany trying to import the image…

The way to do this is by the command line API:

glance image-download [–file ] [–progress] <IMAGE_ID>

You need to install the command line client:

pip install --user --upgrade python-openstackclient

and export the environment from the dashboard:

Compute -> Access & Security -> API Access -> Download Openstack RC file

after sourcing the file you should be able to use the CLI…

and actually before downloading the image, you might wanna run

nova image-list

In fact though there is an issue on our system and Marius had to do it manually. The above may work on other occasions though.