Instance shut-off then connection refused after restart?

Hello, one of my servers was shut-off, and after I restarted it I can now no longer access it using ssh (error is connection refused.) Any thoughts on how I can fix this?

Hi Luke - could you give me some more info please?

Where’s the instance and what is it called?

Hi Matt,

The instance is lukemeredith2 and IP is

I’m looking at this now, will update you shortly.

This is fixed now. The problem was caused by permissions being set to ubuntu:ubuntu on "/".

This might’ve happened inadvertently when you were changing permissions on your attached data volumes.

I fixed it by running sudo chown root:root / to restore the permissions to what they should be, then restarted the ssh server with sudo systemctl restart sshd.

Any further problems, let me know…

great, thanks for fixing that Matt.

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