Issue creating a new volume and attaching it to an instance

Hi Guys - is there an up to date tutorial on how to create , attach and mount a new volume to an instance? The current tutorial does not work, or make sense with current choices available when creating a volume. Also I can’t seem to be able to choose any instances to attach to a new volume when it is created.


I had a student use this tutorial (Creating and attaching volumes using Horizon) only last week and it worked just fine. Which step of the tutorial is not working for you?

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Thanks Sion - i was unable to select the instance to attach to the new volume, but that seems to be working now - so will try the tutorial

I also can’t select an instance to attach a volume to. This seems to be for all volumes, not just new ones. The instances appear in the drop down, but I can’t select them. This was working fine last week as I created and attached a new volume.

I’m also having this problem; I cant attach a volume to an instance because I can’t select it from the drop down.

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Imran is looking into this and we will update you with any progress. It seems to be an intermittent issue. Some users have encountered it one day and then not the next. So keep trying while the issue is identified. Thank you for your patience.

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