Issues when adding additional nodes

Dear users,

Have made attempts at adding more nodes to our server hosted at Cardiff but have ran into some issues:


We require more nodes to cope with multiple jobs as currently nodes are maxed out by maker halting other jobs.


I’m afraid that our infrastructure doesn’t support adding extra nodes to instances - we’ve found that 8 vCPUs and 64 Gb of RAM is pretty sufficient for bacterial genome assembly/annotation. This is pretty generous compared to most cloud infrastructures, and we do this to try and make sure everyone has equal opportunity to access compute resource. We can offer larger instances on a case-by-case for defined periods of time if you have a project that doesn’t fit into our normal constraints, let me know what your project is and how long you’d need the resources for…

Most of our users would use prokka rather than maker for annotating bacterial/viral/anything-without-introns genomes. Its pretty light on resources, perhaps you could try that instead?

Thanks for the quick reply Matt,

That’s understandable and a good reason why it has bounced multiple times.
Assembly and annotation of insect genomes is the primary use of this particular server so will attempt an alternative.


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