Launching new insatnces is temporarily disabled

Hi ,

I have not been able to launch a new custom server or GVL instance for over a week. The service is unavailable for new instances from all three sites. Our current instances however apear to be running normally , apart from galaxy.

When I launch the follwing error apears :

“Launching new instances temporarily disabled for this region(Warwick)”

if I change the region to Cardiff or Birmingham I get the same message for the appropriate region

Is this a general problem or is it due to something local to my institute.

many Thanks


Hi Garry,

Launching new instances is currently disabled at Warwick because it was very full. This means that any instances that were running will stay running, and only launching of new instances is disabled.

Launching new instances has never been disabled at Birmingham, so there should be no problem launching instances there - please make sure you are clicking the “Change Region” button underneath the region selection dropdown to confirm the region change.

We’ve fixed the problem with Galaxy (see here), but this fix will only apply to newly created instances.

If this still remains a problem, could you please message me a screenshot of Bryn when you fail to launch an instance?