Launching new instances is temporarily disabled for this region

Hi ,

I’m at Birmingham a few of us are having difficulties in creating instances. Every time I try and create one I get “Launching new instances is temporarily disabled for this region”. Does anyone know anything about this.



Same, also can’t launch any new instances

Hi Both,

Launching is disabled at sites that are full.

Currently, all sites are full, so no new instances can be launched. We display this message on to prevent instances being launched and sitting in an “ERROR” state.

Apologies that I’ve been slow communicating this - we can usually do a bit of housekeeping of old instances to free up some space and then re-enable launching, but we’re currently completely full to the rafters. We’ll be sending some communication shortly to ask users to tidy up instances they’re no longer using, but until then, I’ll sticky a thread with some more information.

Hi Matt, cheers for letting us know. I’ve just realised, i’ve got 3 instances i’m not using, could I delete those and relaunch one instance?

If you’re not using the instance anymore, please terminate it regardless!

Remember that you can stick data into a volume and it’ll remain in there even if you terminate the instance. You can then reattach the volume (or a snapshot of it) to a new instance later.

As soon as we have enough space to launch some new instances, I’ll enable launching again.