Launching [no longer] disabled at all sites

CLIMB is currently hosting more than 550 VMs!

Unfortunately, this means that launching new instances is currently disabled at all three sites because there is no more compute space for new VMs.

To free space for new users to launch VMs, and to launch new ones of your own, please have a look through your running instances on and TERMINATE any that are no longer being used.

Remember that you can move any data on your instances into an attached volume, detach the volume and then terminate the instance, preserving your data in the volume to be attached to a new instance later.

If you are using GVL instance(s), this is good practice anyway, because we periodically update the software and underlying images and the only way to access this is by launching a new GVL VM.

EDIT 24/11/2017:

Launching is now enabled at Warwick and Cardiff - thanks to everyone that did housekeeping!