Launching VM/Attaching Volume


I’m looking to create a new GVL group server. However, the only region that’s allowing new servers at the moment is Swansea (the others all give a ‘temporarily disabled for this region’ message). But if i go to openstack via the Horizon link, in order to attach a volume, Swansea is the only region that asks for a domain, as well as a username and password. I can login to openstack for any of the other regions, but have no idea what I’m supposed to use as the domain. Anyone have any ideas?

So to summarise - Swansea is the only region I can create a new GVL group server for, but is the only region I can’t connect a volume to, as I can’t work out how to login to openstack for it, because of this extra domain field.



Please follow the instructions posted here:

Great - thanks Matt!

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