Lubuntu running command twice

I am new to CLIMB and have been using the Lubuntu Desktop to run my instance. However, whenever I run a command via the Lubuntu terminal it seems to run the command twice, e.g. if I type ‘mkdir ./dir/’ then the directory is made but I also get the error message ‘mkdir: cannot create directory ‘./dir/’: File exists’.
This is not a problem with small commands I just get the additional error message. However, it is a real problem when running large assembly programmes that require a large amount of RAM and threads. Is Lubuntu known to do this, and if so should I just use another Service to run my instance?

That’s not a behaviour we’ve seen before!

Unless you’re doing graphical stuff, we’d always recommend using SSH to do work on a remote VM, but I’d like to get to the bottom of what’s happening here…

Do you see this behaviour with different web browsers?
Which terminal emulator are you using - lxterminal, byobu?

I have been using the LXTerminal in Lubuntu.
I just ran my instance in the Rstudio Service and I did not get any errors.

Also, I just ran the command in the byobo terminal, where I sometime get the error, and other times I do not.

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