Maybe add a 'problems' or 'help' category?

Maybe add a ‘problems’ or ‘help’ category? For example, I have a question about the fact that I only seem to have 8 processors on my group server, but I’m not sure which category this fits into best?

Hi Phil,

Agree a help category would be helpful.

For a new instance you just select the size you want. To resize your current VM, log into Horizon and change the options for the instance - seemed pretty straightforward when I did it, but you have to wait a few minutes while it moves everything.



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Cool thanks Mat! Yep, that works, I had tried previously but I was being a dumbass and not including the ‘bryn’ bit of my username for horizon logon.

Did you just re-size the instance? What flavour did you go for? It’s throwing this error for me when I try to change to XXL

Error: No valid host was found. No valid host found for resize (HTTP 400) (Request-ID: req-4216f2c2-e4ce-4918-9250-fd8536c01c54)

Error: Unable to resize instance "ashton-oucru-1".

But it works (or starts at least) for large.

Ah right, I see now, as a group you have one ‘group server’ that you can parcel out into instances, the maximum size of which is 32 cores.

Is there such a thing as a service status page for CLIMB?