Mount point empty and volume no longer attached

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Previously mounted volume appears to be no longer attached and mount point is empty.

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Essentially, the mount point folder is empty, the volume unattached and I’m wondering if the data that was stored is still accessible and all I need to do is remount? Was absolutely fine just before new year.

mount volume is /dev/vdb

which should be on /home/ubuntu/mnt_volume

ubuntu@idepicog:~$ lsblk
vda 253:0 0 120G 0 disk
└─vda1 253:1 0 120G 0 part /
vdb 253:16 0 2T 0 disk

Our Cloud Computing Managers mounted it for you so it should be working fine now, but please let us know if you experience any issues.
Kind regards,

All looks good now, thanks very much for sorting.

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