Nullarbor not accessible

Hi, I’m new to CLIMB and am trying to run the nullarbor pipeline. I can’t seem to locate nullarbor and wondered if it is still installed? I checked previous fixes and cannot see it within the /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/Cellar location


Nullabor is still installed as standard by the GVL, but it might not have built correctly if one of its repos was down. The version installed by the GVL is version 1, but Torsten recently released v2 which fixes some bugs and gives a bit more flexibility with choice of assemblers and options. I would recommend using v2 if at all possible. It is extremely easy to install via miniconda (miniconda is really easy to use and install if you are not familiar with it).

All the best,

Hi Sion, thanks very much. Will look into installing via miniconda.

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