OpenStack: I can't use drop down menus


This appears to have resolved itself or something was done in the background as i can now access everything again.

Hi all,

Looking for advice/has anyone else experienced this.

Working away as normal, then noticed that i couldn’t access my data through terminal (can log in, but path doesn’t extend into my volume anymore). Went to OpenStack, it was attached. Detached it to reattach (you know…on and off again). Noticed that the drop down menu to select the instance in the “Manage volume Attachments” section doesn’t let me select options (they appear but can’t select). Notice the issue extends to all similar drop down menus (i.e. while creating new volumes can’t select options). Never had the issue in the past. Supervisor has the same issue and seems to be browser independent (tried chrome, safari and opera).

Hosted by Swansea.

Let me know if i’ve missed anything obvious/helpful.

Best wishes and hope everyone is safe!

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