Planned datacentre maintenance at Birmingham 11-15th December

Services at Birmingham will be UNAVAILABLE from 1700 GMT on December 11th to 1000 on December 15th.

VMs will be shut down and there will be no access to VMs running at Birmingham during this period.

The fire suppression systems in the datacentre are being tested, and we plan to update the underlying system while this outage is ongoing.

Hi Matt, just to clarify, the VMs won’t be shutdown, we just won’t be able to connect? Thanks

Apologies - all VMs will be shut down and inaccessible. This is because the underlying servers will have to be powered down.

Sorry for any confusion, and I’ve updated the original post to reflect this.

Hi Matt,
I had the email yesterday to say the VMs are accessible again but when I try to ssh login using the command line my request times out. I do not get the password prompt as normal. Are the machines not yet accessible?

Many thanks