Possible problem with failed hard disk

I’ve had a problem with a VM running Ubuntu 20 hosted at Birmingham (VM name is mlw-nanopore). I was logged on, and trying to run make when I got this error make: /bin/sh: Command not found. I then got logged off and when I tried to log back on, my ssh key wouldn’t work, and neither would my colleagues. Returning a Permission denied (publickey). error.

I’ve asked some colleagues and they suggested it might be a problem with the root disk. Any thoughts?

Can you try again?
Looks like you deleted /usr/bin to /bin synlink by accident which made bunch of system command unavailable.
I’ve recreated the symlink and the VM booted fine.


Yes, it’s working now. Thanks Rad!

How embarrassing! I’m almost certain it wasn’t me, so I’ll blame one of the other users on that server. Privileges revoked!

Just out of curiosity, how did you log on?

Hmm, the other party is also denying responsibility, so I guess we’ll have to blame cosmic rays.

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