Problem in running EDGE with multiple SRA for phylogenetic analysis

Hi, I was using EDGE for Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M.tb) genome assembly and phylogenetic analysis based on SRA number.

I was analysing M.tb reads using SRA number (SRS936035) and trying to build phylogenetic tree with multiple SRA reads from a NCBI M.tb project.

Following the instruction for entering SRA number as suggested in EDGE phylogenetic analysis section

“Select/Add Genomes or SRA Reads: The same species or at least within the same genus are recommended.”

I entered multiple SRA number (8 SRA number separated by comma -SRS935940,SRS935942,SRS935943,SRS935945,SRS935944,SRS935946,SRS935923,SRS935924) for M.tb reads to be analysed for phylogenetic tree construction in the phylogenetic analysis section along with the initial input raw read SRS936035, when I try to run this project, I get the following error msg,

"Pre-built SNP DB; invalid input please select from precomputed SNP DB or selected genomes

Selected genomes : invalid input please select from precomputed SNP DB or selected genomes"

It is showing in-valid input in pre-built SNP DB and selected genomes. But if I enter a genome from selected list of M.tb genome from EDGE genome list (like Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv). The run is only analyzing the genome entered from EDGE genome list (Mycobacterium tuberculosis_ H37Rv) but is not analyzing phylogenetic tree with the SRA reads entered in the SRA accessions. If I try to run only with SRA numbers in the phylogenetic analysis, it is giving invalid input msg and not running the project,

Kindly help me to solve this problem.

Thanks and Regards