Problem with deleting volume

Hi, Please we have a volume named by mistake GLV 4.1.0 that is impossible to delete. Please could you delete it or make it possible to be deleted? Thanks

This should now be fixed.

Yes it is! Many thanks.

Hi, I am also having a problem deleting a volume as well as a snapshot created from that volume. When I delete the snap shot a message comes up saying “Success: Scheduled deletion of Volume Snapshot: Ben-volume1TB”, but the snapshot remains. Also as I try to delete the volume in which that snapshot was made from, I get the following message, “Error: You are not allowed to delete volume: Ben-volume”. Could you please delete the respective snapshot and volume (Ben-volume1TB and Ben-volume). I am part of the Goddard_Group and am running servers at Cardiff. Cheers Ben

Hi Ben - the reason you can’t currently delete this snapshot is a quirk of the storage backend that we use, and part of the reason that we can offer teams quite a large storage quota.

The way that it works is that each snapshot is dependent on the parent volume, and we store only the difference between the snapshot and the parent. Equally, if you create a new volume from a snapshot, it is dependent on the parent snapshot, which is in turn dependent on the parent volume.

So - in your case, you created a volume, then a snapshot, then a new volume (Newton’s Apple) from the snapshot. Because Newton’s Apple is dependent on the snapshot, you can’t delete the snapshot (utterly unhelpful error messages aside - apologies!).

I’ll flatten your Newton’s Apple volume and remove the dependency on the preceding volumes and snapshots - you should then be able to delete both.

Ahh, that makes sense. Thanks for that.

I’m having a similar problem, i would like to delete a volume that i won’t be using (Cluster Data) but it says i’m not allowed to.

Have you checked that you don’t have any snapshots that are dependent on this volume?

We use copy-on-write cloning to maximise available space on our storage systems, but this means that if you’re using a snapshot of a volume, or have made a new volume from a snapshot, the child volume/snapshot remains dependent on the parent.

Please let me know which site the volume is hosted on if you’re having problems after checking this, and I’ll dig into it further.

All sorted now, i forgot to detach it first. :confused:

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Great, glad you managed to fix it!

I would like to delete two volumes in Cardiff, with IDs e88c0e22-35a1-4f90-8441-67c234af7b08 and 135ac560-b080-4ab9-8f92-0ad9d05d2a24
They are not attached to any instance, but when I try to delete them the horizon interface says “Success” but then nothing happens, could you please advise?


Hi Xavier

Sorry for the slow response. I’ve deleted those volumes for you.

You were doing everything correctly, but I had to apply a small fix to our back end to get the deletes to work. Edge-case problem, so it shouldn’t happen again.


Thanks Matt, that’s great!

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