Problem with permissions within group


I just set up the first user within my group and it seems that she can terminate instances that I created. This is a major problem and could lead to users deleting each others servers by accident, or more importantly, deleting my servers :wink:

This seems like a fairly major problem, so maybe Iโ€™m missing something? Somewhere to tweak the permissions perhaps?



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Hi Phil,

Nope you arenโ€™t missing something! As it stands it is possible for group members to delete instances, and you make a great point.

We will correct this such that users can only delete their own servers, apart from PIs ; who will be able to delete any server within their group - which is as it should be! :wink:

Will let you know once this is done.

Best wishes,


Great, thanks Tom!

no (important) servers were harmed in the asking of this question