Problems logging in 4th Nov birmingham


Is anyone having problems getting access to your GVLs today? I can only access some and I also have 2 volumes that I wanted to detach and it doesn’t seem to be working!


Working on this for you. The problem looks peculiar to your instance (called share?), but will update when we have more information.

Oh right, as that is the one I’m actually able to work on at the minute!!! Typical

In which case, could you let me know specifically which instances you’re having problems with (PM is fine)?

Nextseq-lane2, 3 and 4

These instances appear fixed after a hard reboot, please check them via ssh.

The volumes that are stuck detaching are in that state because they are attached to more than one instance (share, fastq), or the same instance more than once (Nextseq-lane2-161031). Multi-attached volumes aren’t supported, and this has caused them to fail. The best remedy is to terminate the instance, delete the volume and remake them with single attachments.

That is brilliant, all sorted now! Thank you so much