Prokka keeps on crashing when it gets to tge "tbl2asn" stage


I am trying to run Prokka and it keeps crashing:

Could not run command: tbl2asn -V b -a r10k -l paired-ends -M n -N 1 -y ‘Annotated using prokka 1.13 from’ -Z PROKKA_07182019/PROKKA_07182019.err -i PROKKA_07182019/PROKKA_07182019.fsa 2> /dev/null

According to Prokka’s GitHub FAQ:

  • Why does Prokka keeps on crashing when it gets to tge “tbl2asn” stage?

It seems that the tbl2asn program from NCBI “expires” after 6-12 months, and refuses to run. Unfortunately you need to install a newer version which you can download from here.

Would it possible to do this update, please?

Thank you so much.
Kind regards.

Hi Maria,

You just replace the executable tbl2asn file (whichever is in your path) with a new one.

All the best,

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