Read-only file system


I have just logged onto one of my GVLs for the first time in a while and I can’t seem to do anything. I either get segmentation fault or read-only file system. How can I fix it?

Please first try rebooting the affected instance from

If you’re still having problems after a reboot, please report back and I’ll look into it further.

I seem to have lost my volume that was attached though

Please check that the volume is attached using


and then mount it if necessary using:

sudo mount /dev/vd[X]1 [mountpoint]

where [X] is the device name obtained from lsblk, and [mountpoint] is the directory at which your volume should be mounted.

Rebooting instances will cause mounted volumes to become unmounted unless they are listed in /etc/fstab.

Thanks that has fixed my issue, panic over

I noticed the same thing yesterday, on multiple instances. I think they became read-only shortly after 6:40pm on the 27th November, based on when ‘auth.log’ stopped noting failed authentication attempts. Everything is fine, after rebooting the affected servers.

Thanks for the update.

We did have a minor blip with our filesystem at Birmingham at that time, which we rectified by morning.

@glkay1984 beat me to the post, so I hoped that everyone having problems would see this and be able to resolve them without too much hassle!