Request for a larger server


I am looking to get a 80 core server for 45 days. At the moment I can process 200 genomes per 24 hours per 8 cores and I am looking to download and analyse upto 60,000 genomes over about 30 days, including a few days for extra stuff!

I wont need much RAM, it seems as though my pipeline could work on the standard 64gb. Neither would I need much storage space as I plan on deleting raw data as I go.

Hope this is an acceptable request,


Hi Jonathan,

There is a bit of a backlog for large instances at the moment. If you could DM me your group name, size of instance and duration you will be needing it for then I will look at availability. 45 days is usually more than we allocate these larger instance for but I will see what we can do.

All the best,

Hi Sion,

This isn’t necessary anymore. I have found by using multiple 8 core instances I can churn through data at a good speed.