Request for upgrading instance


Our group is trying to analyse several Nanopore sequencing runs on our standard instances of 4 CPU and 32Gb RAM, and not surprisingly it is proving difficult to get any results from basecalling etc in less than 6-7 days.

Would it be possible to upgrade both of the instances on our group, running on - and ? Around 32 cores and 200+ Gb RAM should be sufficient.

We would be using this platform going forward with additional analysis so would need to have the necessary setup.

Many thanks!


We are not able to upgrade an instance. However, we can provide larger instances on a temporary basis. If you have not already, you should create detachable volumes following the instructions here - Creating and attaching volumes using Horizon. Once you have transferred your data onto a volume it is easy to make this data accessible to new instances. We can then provision you with a larger instance on a temporary basis for your analyses.

Could you PM me your group, username and the sites at which you currently have instances please?

All the best,