Request Temporary storage RAM and processors for 2 weeks

Dear CLIMB team,

May I request for temporary storage spaces, RAM and cores for 2 weeks to process 2 large sets of data?
Ideally I would hope storage space more than 10T, RAM more than 32G, and processors more than 16.
We have tried to process our datasets with the best resource we’ve got at the moment, it could not be completed.

Here are the detailed information of the instant we are using.

Lyell Micro

Region - Swansea

Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks greatly for your support!

Xiang Shi

Hi Xiang,

I have added you to the waiting list we have for larger instances, I will contact you when we can schedule you a larger instance. In the mean time, you should be able to set up a volume with sufficient storage using the volume tutorial - Creating and attaching volumes using Horizon.

All the best,

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